Are You Ready for Your
New Life in Italy?

Are You Ready for Your New Life in Italy? 

One where you feel more alive, healthy and inspired and where you can explore ancient towns, eat delicious food, live longer, spend less and smile more.

It's time to start living your best life

say no more. i'm in!

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Whether you are in stage one or five in your plans
Want to move full-time, part-time or a lifetime
Or, are a dual Italian citizens, European, or Non-EU.... 

Real Talk

Vita Italia is for you!

Behind our doors, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to plan, prepare and make the move to Italy without stress or fear.  

Full Vita Italia Signature Course to set the foundation 

All of the courses, resources, ebooks and checklists you’ll need to make your own plan

Monthly live group coaching calls and Q&A sessions

Masterclasses for deep dives into taxes, property, visas and more

A community of Italiophiles that will be there to help and support you at every step

You name it, the Vita Italia Experience has it!

and we're enrolling right now

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So What's Inside?

The course that has helped hundreds of people plan and make the move to Italy.  Vita Italia sets the foundation and gives you the clarity around subjects such as Italian taxes, visas, renting, buying and renovating property. We cover insurance, drivers licenses, banking and a whole lot more. You will get full and immediate access to the entire Vita Italia course.

Yes, life in Italy can be dreamy, but it is also "life."  We will take a deep dive into the practical things that you need to understand about life in Italy. Understanding the quirks to the system and do’s and don’ts will help you adjust quicker and reduce frustration and disappointment.

This is the module where you will learn all about Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Driving, Taxes, and the Italian Social System. Hang on, because we are about to get very real.

Signature Course Vita Italia

Weaving Your Way Through the Tough Stuff

the foundation

the lifestyle

The Italian tax system is a thing of mystery for many - including Italians! We are determined to help make sense of it for you, and to guide you on how you can save money and plan for your move early to avoid unnecessary costs.

You will also complete a private evaluation of your finances for Visa qualification, settling in and meeting your lifestyle needs. Plus you will have a detailed understanding of exactly what it will cost you to move and live your lifestyle in Italy.

Your Financial Plan for Success

the money 

Choosing your place to live, whether it is  buying/renting or sharing accommodation is more than just ticking off the property features. Where you live in Italy can have a major impact on your lifestyle, budget, taxes and residency status. 

Our experts expose the truth about the property market in Italy and what the risk are to foreigners and how to reduce them. You will leave with a deep understanding of how you can rent or buy safely in Italy.

Chosing your New Home in Italy

the new home

Maybe you think you don’t qualify for a Visa and moving to Italy is not possible for you? Not so fast! There are many pathways to a new life in Italy, and we will uncover every possibility so you can choose the best one for success.   If you’re a dual-Italian citizen, we will show you all of the benefits (some even Italians don’t know!) waiting for you.

Finally, we will focus on the actual moving: preparing documents, reporting, the Permesso di Soggiorno, Tessera (health card) and more.

Carving a Pathway that Works for You 

the legal road

Italian taxes and special tax regimes (7% flat tax etc)

Permesso di Soggiorno applications and procedures

Property purchases and rentals

Visa applications and guidance

Italian healthcare (private and public)

Driving and transportation

How to save money and special government incentives

Moving household items and importing

Italian language lessons and study

Citizenship through ancestry and naturalization
and more...

Our Masterclasses include expert training on:

taught by lawyers, accountants and leading experts in their field

Every month we release a masterclass to help give you clarity

This is where you can find past masterclasses, interviews,  virtual tours of regions, cooking classes and chats with expats who have made the move.

The Vault is continuously growing and the perfect place to hang out in on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Unlock hours of video's, Q&A's and resources!

When you join, you will also unlock access to the Vault with previous Masterclasses.

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Join The Vita Italia Experience and become part of our exclusive community…

It’s one of the most empowering networks of likeminded people, all of whom share the dream of moving to Italy.

Meet new friends, share experiences, ask questions to those who have made the journey and are now settling into their new lives.

This is one of best parts of Vita Italia, where you’ll find your support system and lock it in for life!

Meet, Connect, Share and Inspire

At the beginning of every month, we release a Masterclass for you to watch, learn and become familiar with the topic.

In the middle of each month, we hold a Group Coaching Q&A Session. Join us every month as we make our way through any questions you have about any stage of moving and settling into your new life in Italy.  

As well as the above, you'll also be invited to a monthly live Q&A with the expert instructor from the Masterclass to dive deeper and get clarity on the topic. 

All sessions are online and live at 12 noon est ... but don't worry: all sessions are recorded, so you can watch the replay in your own time if you can't make the live.

Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions

Work with samantha directly and our amazing experts!

Every second wednesday on live video chats!

"The best you will ever take"

When Diana's husband started sharing the things he was learning with Vita Italia, she said, "That's great but honestly, we will never ever be able to buy a place and move to Italy." But as time went on, Diana not only realized it was possible, but knew that they had the knowledge they needed to make the move, claim citizenship and buy a house in Italy.  Now, they are celebrating their soon-to-be new life in Italy.


from dream to reality

Yes, it Really Works

"You gave me the knowledge to make the full time move!"

Jodi's destiny was to live in Italy while on vacation, she visited a comune in Sicily to find her fathers birth certificate.  When the clerk recognized her name, she quickly told Jodi that they were cousins and the rest is history.  Jodi joined Vita Italia to help her plan for the big move to gain her Italian citizenship and establish a foundation to build her new life in Italy.  She now lives in her ancestral town and is loving her new life.


italy was her destiny

"We've found the secret to happiness."

After decades working in the high-powered world of movie making, it was time to take a break, and reconnect with a slower, more connected lifestyle that was calling Lisa and Ulrik.  Dedicate to learning the right way to do it, they joined Vita Italia in Spring 2021, and quickly found their pathway and the support they needed to make the transition easy.  Now, they are living their dream life in beautiful Italy.

Lisa and Ulrik

slowing down

Talking about how great Samantha Wilson  has become cliché and almost boring…but I’m still going to do it! To move to Italy has been a vague dream for years. I thought it would be impossible to make this dream a reality. I now know, it is not only possible, but likely. 

endless possibilies:


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:



join vita italia now

$50 / month


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Best Value!


Instant access to Vita Italia Experience

New Masterclass delivered monthly

Unlock resource Vault updated regularly

Two live group coaching calls via video each month

$38 / month

billed annually


All monthly benefits

Exclusive partner member discounts

2 Tickets to the next Smart Move Italy Aperitivo Party

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10% off Smart Move Italy Services

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Access to entire eBook library (value $400)

What if you could spend less time worrying about *if* you can move to Italy and, instead, harness your energy in creating a roadmap that gives you the exact steps you need to take to evaluate, plan and make the move?

And, what if you had an expert guide to lead you through every single step of the way, helping you avoid mistakes, save money and take the stress away.

Just Imagine..

Ready for your life to change?

Vita Italia includes everything you need to reduce the stress and move without fear.

The Vita Italia Experience gives you DIRECTION. 
 It gives you SUPPORT.
 It gives you a CONNECTION.
 It gives you CLARITY.

Clarity on where you are now and EXACTALY what steps you need to take to get you moving towards your new life in Italy.

Can you imagine what it’s like to wake up in your favorite place in Italy, every day, knowing that you never have to check your departure date, or worrying about when you will be able to return, and then being able to share your new life with visiting friends and family?

You know that sounds good.
It’s time you took the first step, towards your new life in Italy.

"I made it and am living in Italy!"

This      for you if:

you want to move to italy but are not sure if it's right for you

You don't want help and guidance to make the move error free

YOu want guidence and support to ensure you reduce the risks

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO adapt to a new lifestyle

you're ready to learn, connect and take control of your future

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE already living in italy



It's probably
for you if...

I'm Samantha, a Westcoast city girl who probably like you, fell in love with Italy decades ago and made it my mission to find a way to move myself and my family to Tuscany. Fast forward past many years, costly mistakes and wrong turns, and you’ll see the life I have in Italy today, that is healthier, happier and more connected.

I am completely obsessed with helping people find their new life in Italy because I know that it is possible but I also know that Italy is complicated and that to do it alone, or with random, unqualified guidance is a recipe for disaster. I have seen it, wiped the tears and corrected the mistakes too many times to discount the importance of getting the right information from the right people at the right time. 

Let Me Help You
Move to Italy

You're in the right place.

"This is the first day of the rest my life."

— you, today

The Three Pillars of Vita Italia...

Where does you stress come from?
Usually it is from not knowing what to do, getting conflicting information, and confusion with the process and language barrier – but don’t worry – because we are going to cover that in every module along the way. Vita Italia is all about minimizing stress.

We also have “special live sessions” with expert specialists who generously offer their expertise to keep you grounded and prepared.

but it wasn't always this easy.

reduce the stress to give you clarity to make sound decisions

reduce stress

Vita Italia Empowers you with Knowledge because...

IT gives you an honest and real approach to living in italy.

You may have a big dream to move to Italy and are determined make it happen at all costs, even if that means putting on blinders to the truth. You need to allow yourself to accept the truth that maybe, by the end of Vita Italia, your route to Italy may be a little different than when you started. But it will be informed and accurate and not clouded with frustration.

The weekly LIVE Q&A calls give you a chance to ask your questions and get the answers – to build on your knowledge base and keep you on track. 

knowledge is power

AND helps you evaluate, plan and make a decision with clarity

Fear comes in two forms – realistic and unrealistic and your journey to life in Italy will have a little bit of both. But fear, no matter if it is fear of a real problem or of something you perceive to be a problem, can be overcome. And the key to reducing fear is knowledge.

Each of these pillars will be seen throughout the Vita Italia Experience because when you reduce stress and clear the way for the truth, you will be more confident and prepared for the future.

Whether you are a digital nomad, planning to retire, an EU citizen wanting to make the move, Italian-dual citizen by descent or want to start a new life in beautiful Italy, you will benefit from Vita Italia.

reduces fear

As a BONUS, and to get you started on your language learning, we have included a 8-week Italian Language course.

8 Week Learn Italian with Manu!

8 Week Italian Lessons


For those of you who don’t know Manu, he is the FOUNDER and ROCKSTAR of a teacher from ITALY MADE EASY – This is by far, one of the most respected and dynamic Italian language course providers in the world. You just need to Google him to see what I am talking about!  

Inside the Vita Italia Experience you will get weekly lessons and worksheets created for you by Manu!  

Is This Program for Me? 

Confused by the conflicting and misleading information found online

Tired of getting lost down the Google rabbit hole of information

Stuck in neutral with no idea of how or where to begin

Great question.
Let me quickly go over the 6 kinds of people that Vita Italia IS for so you can figure out if it’s a fit…

vita italia is for you if you are

vita italia is for you if you are

vita italia is for you if you are

Made the decision to move but don't have a plan to reduce the risk. 

Waiting for the perfect moment when they finally have the time to make the move.

Ready to learn, connect, grow and take control of their future.  

vita italia is for you if you have

vita italia is for you if you are

vita italia is for you if you are

"We are still a few years away, but we are so much closer."

Brandy and Greg fell in love with Italy on a vacation with family and were determined to get the wheels in motion for one day to make the full time move.  Retirement is still several years away, but they knew to be truly prepared, they needed to start the learning process and make the connections early.  After Vita Italia, Brandy and Greg had the confidence and support to buy a house in Italy which will one day be their home.

Brandy and Greg

getting ready

No, it's not too early!

"I feel like I belong in Italy and we are moving as soon as we can."

Theresa and Dan spent a lifetime working and raising a family in California.
Avid travelers, they have visited Italy many times and having an Italian mother, Teresa felt a kinship to both the culture, the language and Italy. For her, it was home. Now, in the process of applying for her Italian Dual Citizenship, selling their belongings in the US, they will arrive shortly on an Elective Residency Visa.


 Italian Citizenship bound

"The resources and the camaraderie within the Facebook group was informative, inspiring and helpful in my focusing."

Dreck had been researching and planning his move to Italy for years. Unsure from the conflicting information found online, he joined Vita Italia and not only found clarity through support and trusted experts, but is now laser focused with a date set and his future plan to be in Italy in the next two years. 


found clarity and direction

There are many decisions that you need to make early on that will have a significant impact on your income, livelihood and the future lifestyle that you lead in Italy.

The best time to start planning for a move to Italy is  1 - 5 years away

"Samantha, thank you so much for Vita Italia! Moving to Italy has been my dream for many years and just hitting early retirement age I pretty much had my bags packed. You were so right when you said “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and let me tell you , there was a lot that I didn’t know and now I do. I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks already and I don’t want it to end."

— geri

"I can't begin to explain the benefits of this experience"

"Your information, presentation and passion for your work light me up! You and your staff are concise and well grounded in your roles."

- catherine

"Your Course Knocked the Ball out of the Park!"

"Just want to say how much I am enjoying this process and the people you have connected this group with are wonderful. I am jealous every time I watch you, and I think as I talk about it with my wife, I may be breaking her down to come to the same feeling as I have about moving."

- Peter

"Thanks Samantha. As usual, you know the way!"

Learning exactly how you can make the move to Italy

Get clarity on costs, Italian taxes and the process

Building a personal plan that will increase your chance of success and increase your confidence that you are making the right decision

Create the life in Italy you have always wanted

Make THIS the year that you *finally* commit to:


$50 / month


join annual

Best Value!


Instant access to Vita Italia Experience

New Masterclass delivered monthly

Unlock resource Vault updated regularly

Two live group coaching calls via video each month

$38 / month

billed annually


All monthly benefits

Exclusive partner member discounts

2 Tickets to the next Smart Move Italy Aperitivo Party

join monthly

10% off Smart Move Italy Services

Choose this option and save $144

Access to entire eBook library (value $400)

shoot me an email

I would love for you to join me in the next Vita Italia Experience.  I promise, you'll get so much value and love every minute of it!  If you have a question about Vita Italia, I am here for you.

Still on the fence?