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The Italian Citizenship recognition process is difficult, lengthy and often faced with challenges making it even more difficult to navigate. Many people try to DIY, but hit a wall and stall, and need our help to get them to the finish line.

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Our expert legal team has helped hundreds of people get their Italian passports through citizenship. With staff in Italy and USA, our expert translators, attorneys, and genealogists, will save you time and money!

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Our expert legal team has helped hundreds of people get their  Italian passports through citizenship. With staff in Italy and USA, our expert translators, attorneys, and genealogists, will save you time and money!

Choose to apply in your home country, through a 1948 case, or directly in Italy at the Comune of your choice. Whatever you decide, we are with you every step of the way. 

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If you have completed your Italian Citizenship application yourself, it is critical that you have a full review of your file prior to applying.

Whether you are applying for your citizenship at an Italian Consulate, at a Comune directly in Italy, or through a 1948 Court Petition, a thorough review by our experts in Italian Citizenship can make the difference between a rejection or success.

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No Appointment Case

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If you have a Consulate case and cannot get an appointment, or if the Consulate is not accepting applications, this is considered a "denial of justice" and you are entitled to petition the court of Rome and have a Judge decide your case.

This is similar to a 1948 Case, where you do not have to attend court (our lawyers do), and you can have the entire matter settled, including all of your relatives within the line in less than two (2) years.

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Italian Consulate Case Applications

apply at home

It may be your best, and only option to apply directly at the Italian Consulate where you reside.  You will first need to ensure you are eligible to apply, and then prepare a complex and detailed application with supporting documents to prove you are Italian.

Our citizenship team can help you from start to finish with your own Personalized Citizenship Book in hand ready to apply - error free. 

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We love to dig, and leave no stone unturned!

1948 case rules

According to the 1912 Italian citizenship law, only men could transfer Italian citizenship to their children. This meant that anyone who would need to pass through their female ancestor, could not qualify for citizenship.

However, because today's laws recognize a woman's right to pass on citizenship, you may still qualify through a special 1948 Rule procedure, in the Court in Rome.

We love 1948 Petitions and our expert lawyers specialize in helping you open the door to citizenship through your female ancestors.

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Fast-Track your Italian Citizenship application and apply directly in Italy.

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Currently, consular wait times can exceed 5 years from appointment to actual recognition. However, if you choose to apply directly in Italy you can have passport in hand from six months to a year. In effect, you can skip straight to the front of the line.

Our citizenship team helps you every step of the way, from preparing your application, setting up appointments, finding accommodation, ensuring documentation meets your chosen location's needs, and accompanying you to each appointment from start to finish.

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Not everyone is able to claim their Italian Citizenship and often ancestry lines are blurry and difficult to see. 

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