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Italian Citizenship             

What if you could complete your Italian Citizenship application error free without breaking the bank? 


Maybe You're Italian and Don't Even Know It?
Our expert legal team has helped hundreds of people get their Italian passports through citizenship. We know you can do it too, and we're here to help.


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We Know It's Not Easy

Italy is complicated, and claiming your rightful citizenship can feel like an endless dive into the google rabbit hole. Resulting in a ton of wasted time, money and stress.

So, we’ve made it our mission to help Italian dual citizens claim their citizenship with as little, or as much help as they require.

Without breaking the bank!

We empower individuals to overcome obstacles and successfully apply for their rightful citizenship through personalized support and essential tools.

You can do it !


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Build Your Application

90% of our clients are ready to apply within a year


Unlimited email support

Free Access to the Learning Centre

Monthly Group Calls


half and half

StartSmart Set Up


Italian Documents

**Lifetime application access
Dedicated expert
Payment plan available

**Lifetime application access

full pack

Done for You!

start to finish

Everything in PLUS 

Full turn-key service

Appointment set-up


Italian documents

Legalization + Apostille

3rd generation line
additional adults €700
minors free
total turn-key
flexible payment plan 
*starting from

Certified translations 

Complete all forms

Passport assistance




Total Support Pack

*Flexible payment plans for most packages.
* *Lifetime access concludes on the date of which your application is submitted.  

Monthly group calls

All vital records

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Free Access to the Learning Centre


reviewers say:

- Kim and Jake Steele

"The knowledge and sense of security you provide is vital.  We honestly could not have done this without you. "

“Honestly, I was totally confused at all the documents and felt like there was no hope, until I found you."

- giada


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once you have your application finished, choose how you'll apply

low cost

If you've completed your application and supporting documents, you're ready to apply at your local consulate.



Legal representation

Registration of judgement


Passport assistance

AIRE registration

Additional adults €700 each
Additional under 18 years €500 each
Excluding court filing fees and travel
Payment plan available
*Court filing fees not included

in italy


citizenship in less than a year

Full legal review

Residency, Permesso di Soggiorno


Assistance with all forms

Representation at all key appointments

Spousal Permesso di Soggiorno €900 
Apply anywhere in Italy
Option to save with remote service
Rental not including commission
Payment plans available
*Court filing fees not included

Rental assistance

Passport and AIRE assistance




Full legal review

*Payment Plans are offered on most packages. 

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* Consulate application fees are not included.

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reviewers say:

- Diana M

"We couldn't have done this without them. It has been a journey and now we are living in Italy!"

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Questions if you qualify and
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Whether you're just starting out or you've been plugging away at your citizenship application for a while, here's the truth:

Preparing for your Italian Citizenship is no small task. You will invest countless hours pouring over records, fill out endless forms, and dig into archives in the hope that you are on the right track.

But like so many of our past clients before they started the process, you may be feeling  lost, frustrated, and so fed up you wonder if it's really worth it.

If that's you - Italian Citizenship Support is the roadmap and support system you need to get your application across the finish line.

You're Part of Something Bigger, and It's Your Job to Connect the Dots!

This is your history

Are you ready to claim your Italian citizenship and collect that coveted Red Passport and all the benefits it offers?


reviewers say:

- Lisa P

"Smart Move Italy helped me get my citizenship in record time! I am now living in Italy as an Italian Citizen."

Get started on the right pathway and have our experts set up your file the right way!

Smart Start CUSTOM Set-up

are you stuck?

Make sure you have everything perfect and error free with a full legal review.

full legal review

We'll do the searching and document recovery to clear your line for you.

Naturalization records search

Just need a quick fix?

Try our single services and get past the block




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Critical Doc's

Let our senior citizenship experts show you the easiest way to claim your rights.

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Can I really complete my application myself?

Yes it is possible. If you are someone who loves a challenge, is highly organized, patient and is obsessed with digging in archives and finding lost records, you will love building your application and the Starter is the best option for you.  

Is this service only for Americans?

Not at all!  We have clients from all over the world that share the common desire to claim their Italian citizenship.  We can help you regardless of where you will be applying.

Will I have access to your citizenship experts directly?

Yes! Depending on what plan you are on, you can have either unlimited email or Total support with our experts in dual Italian citizenship.  No more guessing!

Is this a one-time fee or a yearly subscription?

This is NOT a membership. There is a one-time fee for the services you choose.  The payments can be financed to help you budget.

What if I don't have time to build my application?

The Done-For-You is the perfect solution. And, we have flexible and easy financing to fit any budget.

Do you guarantee I will get citizenship?

We guarantee that if you have all of the supporting documents, error free, to prove you have a right to citizenship, then you will be awarded citizenship. 


Questions Your Fellow Future Italian Dual Citizens Asked Before Joining

Do you have refunds?

You have access to the resources and support for the lifetime of the service and therefore we do not provide refunds. If we are working on your file, once we have started the work for you, the wheels are in motion and therefore our fees are considered earned.

Will you help me prepare my application for a 1948 case?

The first step is to choose which line you want to follow. If you prefer to do a 1948 petition, we will guide you on the correct documents you need to qualify.

What if I can't get an appointment at the Consulate?

If you can't get an appointment at your local consulate, you can consider an application through court with a No Appointment case.  

Can you help me apply in person anywhere in Italy?

Yes!  Our Fast Track option is the preferred way to apply for many of our clients and we have 100% success rate!

How do I get started?

That's easy!  Simply choose the service you would like and book a call or sign up. It's really that easy to get started toward claiming your Italian citizenship!