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It's possible to live your dream life in Italy - yet there’s so much misinformation out there that most people end up confused, frustrated, and stressed out. A New Life in Italy aims to change that, by teaching you how you can make the move with confidence, and clarity, and thrive in your new life in Italy.

Get ready to “laugh and learn” with top relocation expert, Samantha Wilson of Smart Move Italy, as she teaches you how to plan, prepare, and make the move to Italy, faster, safer, and with a lot less stress.

No matter your age, location, or background, if you love Italy and are wondering what life is really like in the Bel Paese, you will find value in how Samantha and her guests approach different topics on Italian property, visas, travel, citizenship, culture, and lifestyle - all while staying honest and authentically grounded.

  • What is the best visa to get and why.
  • How to manage your expectations, make new friends, and thrive in your new life.
  • Where to find the best properties and how to get over the “I don’t rent to foreigners” block.
  • What to expect from Italian taxes and how to benefit from special incentives.
  • How to stay on track when hitting roadblocks.
  • Where are the best places to live? Catch up on the “Location Spotlight” episodes.
  • And much more!

Also, submit your questions and get the answers each week with Samantha’s listener questions segment, where she answers your questions!

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Tune into A New Life in Italy every Wednesday morning for a new episode to help you stay inspired, and on track to living your best life in beautiful Italy.

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