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A lifestyle podcast that is a little bit of “what-if’s” mixed with a lot of “how-to’s” that takes you behind the scenes of what its really like to move to Italy and shows you how starting a new life in the bel Paese is possible for you.


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7 Key Decisions


Well my friends, this is the first episode to help you find your new life in Italy - with a little help from our expert friends. Tune in to here all about what's to come.

I am going to share the 7 key decisions you need to make before moving to Italy and how they will help shape your plans and keep you on track. 

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5 in 10 Series

Ok, so you have questions, a lot of questions about how to make the move to Italy. Maybe your questions are about buying property, renovating, or the mysterious 110% eco bonus. Maybe you are already here, and your head is spinning trying to figure out your new life in Italy.

I am rounding up our tried and tested Super Experts, like Italian lawyers, accountants, estate agents, builders, architects, residency experts, even Insurance specialists, driving school instructors, doctors, language teachers, Comune clerks, Citizenship lawyers, Genealogists... and more (yes there's even more)!

Each month one of our experts will chose five of your pre-submitted questions and answer them in ten minutes or less.

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I'm Samantha  

I want to help you build that bridge between the dream life you have been putting off… to you living it out in Italy, starting, well, why not now.

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