You're closer to your dream than you think you are.

But if you're anything like me, you just want someone to guide you and tell you what you need to do next.

You don't have to do it alone.

You're so close..

For those that know me and those that I have had the honor to help move to Italy, you know that I am obsessed with taking complex things and boiling them down into small, actionable, easy-to-do steps.

I am a bit of a freak about it and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t the “problem solver – solution seeker” in the crowd of confused.

My dad used to say I was just stubborn or unwilling to accept “you can’t do that” for an answer, but I always believed that if you are able to look at a problem from every angle, break it down, and have the support and knowledge to move through and over the barriers, anything is possible.

Now, in my new life in Italy, I use my obsession with planning and finding solutions to help people from all over the world successfully move to Italy, whether it is to live part time or full time, with less stress and mistakes.   

I Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

Here is what I know...

You can move to Italy.

Here is what else I know… you need a plan and you need help. I know this because I have been where you are and made more mistakes than I will ever admit… I also know this because I have helped hundreds of people evaluate, plan, and make the move to Italy.

And I can help you too.

It doesn’t matter if you are like Betta who didn’t want to live full time but wanted to find a way to spend more time than 90 days in Italy with her boyfriend, or Sarah who knew that her artistic life was meant for Italy and needed to make the move officially while racing against the Brexit clock, or Steve who was retired and wanted to live his next chapter in Italy but had no idea how to start, or Heather, who was self employed and didn’t think it was possible for her…

There is a way forward.

And, for those of you who know me, know that I tell-it-like-it-is and will never gloss over potential problems and lead you to believe moving to Italy is easy.

Because it isn’t.

Italy is a country with unparalleled beauty, culture, and warmth – but it is equally complex, frustrating, and congested with many levels of bureaucracy that can cause people who “wing it” to fail.

This is usually because they do not choose the right pathway of least resistance, do not evaluate their personal situation properly, do not have a proven plan, do not give themselves a long enough runway to take off and do not have the support and guidance early on. And you often won’t get a second chance at a Visa, so getting it right the first time is critical.

And that my friend, is where I can help.

There is a way forward

Ways to Work Together

8-week online group course that teaches you how to prepare to move to Italy with confidence.

Vita Italia

A laser focused one hour call to set you on track and moving in the right direction.

1:1 consultation

1:1 guidance to help you successfully apply for the Elective Residency Visa in Italy

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Book a Private Consultation >>

The Vita Italia Experience

Vita Italia is my Signature 8-week online course that teaches you how to prepare for the move and gives you the tools, strategies and tactics to help you evaluate, and plan your move.

The Vita Italia Experience is a combination of self-paced video lessons and weekly group LIVE Q&A sessions with me and/or our experts to keep you on track and moving forward.

The Vita Italia Experience is for you if you want to learn at your own pace and be part of a Community of likeminded people, learning together and are from 1 – 5 (or more) years away from moving. 
* Vita Italia is open only 2 x a year

For those who want to connect 

join the next class

You’re dreaming of a new life in Italy, and need an ERV to open the doors. But your head is spinning with “How do I's”, “When do I’s” & “What If's” – so nothing gets done and you watch another year slip away.

It's time to change and get you moving in the right direction and toward your new life in Italy.

As someone who has fallen in love with all things Italian and is ready for retirement, trying to figure out how to apply for the coveted Elective Residency Visa and actually get it - can be overwhelming, confusing - and a little scary.

How are you supposed to know what is truly required, how to qualify your finances, what to put in the cover letter and all of the little things that can make the difference between success and failure?

It's too big of a loss to try to do this all alone. You need someone who knows what works, what doesn't, and who will guide you to success.

Elective Residency Visa Assistance


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