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I believe that anything worth having takes effort and a little bit of sacrifice. I also believe that anything is possible, and seeing people living their best life and being able to share their success, is my dream come true.

So I got to work, collected all of the knowledge, curated my tested and trusted experts (a LOT of them), and built the blueprints that I *know* works — and that will also work for you.

life is short, what are you waiting for?

The Courses

In a sea full of misinformation, pseudo-experts, and conflicting advice, what you need, what you deserve is CLARITY...to be able to make informed and balance decisions on things that will have a long lasting impact on your life.  

Give you Clarity

Actionable Plan

A dream is just a wish without a plan. And a plan to move to Italy is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. You need a solid, actionable plan that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

how we solve your problems: 

Community Support

Italy is complicated and even the best plan can be derailed by one grumpy city clerk, or new unexpected directive from the government. To succeed, you need to be flexible and have a strong and equally flexible support system.

The Vita Italia Experience

The Vita Italia Experience is the only program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to move to Italy with accurate advice, guidance and support - but how to do it with as little stress and risk as possible.

diVita Community

Join the diVita Community, get the right answers to your questions, attend the LIVE sessions and let our experts give you the support, direction and guidance you need to implement your plan to move to Italy.

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How to Buy Property in Italy Accelerator

Get instant access to the course that has helped thousands of people find, evaluate and buy their dream home in Italy safely, quickly and without fear! My mini course awaits you!

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"You have inspired us to really live our dream and make it happen"

Born in Turkey with dual UK citizenship, Nesli lived in Australia and the UK before deciding to make a final move to their dream place along the Italian coast. After completing the Vita Italia program, Nesli has been able to not only find a new temporary home, but has prepared for, and completed every step in the residency registration process. 


living her dream

Yes, it Really Works

"I didn't think it was possible until now!"

After thinking a move to Italy was not possible, LaRue joined the Vita Italia Experience and then diVita where she learned a unique route to life in Italy that she never thought possible. Now, she is enjoying her life in a romantic hilltop apartment in Tuscany.


learned anything is possible

"I can't believe I'm living in Italy, and ahead of schedule"

A self-proclaimed procrastinator, George has had a dream to live his retirement years in Italy and found the conflicting information on social media stressful and confusing and finally found Vita Italia where he found clarity and was easily able to boil down his needs, wants and choose the best place to live to take advantage of the tax incentives and lifestyle. Now his is living the life he dreamed of in Abruzzo.


just got it done

Long Term Rental Assistance

try it with renting

aribnb investments

 Because You Need a Place to Call Home

How to Buy Property in Italy

How to Make $ on Your Property

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Go behind the scenes of what its really like to move to Italy and learn how you can start a new life in the bel Paese.  Tune in every Thursday for the Podcast A New Life in Italy.

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