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Learn the exact method that has helped 100% of my private clients successfully apply for their Elective Residency Visa


Join me as I walk you through every step - so you can ensure your application is rock-solid 

We will cover the do's and don'ts, how to write a killer cover letter, highlight your income to WOW the consulate and more!

And did I mention it's only $97!  That's all!

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Whether you are six months or six days away from applying for the Elective Residency Visa, taking this special Workshop means…

You have a reliable, trustworthy source of information to keep you on track

Your application will be more complete, organized and focused, increasing your chances of success

You can apply with confidence knowing you gave it 100% effort, without cutting corners.  



Have total clarity on what the ERV is and what it isn't, and if you qualify

Know exactly how to assemble your documents to WOW the consulate 



Be able to present your financial viability to remove any doubt from the consulate


Be confident and prepared for your application, interview and arrival in Italy


Just One of Our Successes

"Samantha Wilson was an indispensable advocate for my wife and I in the labyrinth of legal hurdles to entering Italy with an ERV."

At every step of the way, she provided critical advice about how to characterize our assets, our purpose, our life goals, utilizing language and attitude which made the most sense to the Italian bureaucracy.

She forestalled and prevented harmful errors on our part, again and again. She did this while maintaining an incredibly upbeat manner, always sunny, always encouraging, but always realistic, never minimizing the toughness of the challenge.

For her timely and sage advice, we strongly recommend her assistance. Without it, we would never have succeeded in gaining entry to Italy and securing our visa.

We are deeply grateful to her and can't overstate the value of her involvement.

DO it right the first time

Want to increase their chances of a successful erv application

Best for people who

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This is the exact steps and method that we use for every single one of our private clients who apply for the Elective Residency Visa, and I am sharing it with you.

When is the best time to apply, how long does it take, when will I get the Visa and what do I do after?  These are all common questions that we tackle in this workshop plus more!  At the end, you will have a personal plan to follow with taxes and goals to keep you moving forward.

Here's What You'll Learn

Seven Steps to Success

Personal Time Line

My secret

getting organized

Learn how to evaluate and structure your income, the best (and worst) income to have, how to identify true passive vs active income, and how to organize your application to highlight your strengths. 

The financial package is the most important part of the visa application - I don't skimp on info here! 

Maximizing Your Financial Report

critical for success

Learn exactly what to include, how to prepare your documents for both the application and future residency in Italy, plus my secret confidence booster "jump file" that will have your back - should the consulate throw a curve ball at you. 

Documents, Documents

diving into it


Get my key tips on acing the interview, and most importantly - I share a little secret about what to expect on your appointment day.   Learn how to fill out the application, make an appointment through the Prenota system, and get ready for the big day!

Applying and Interview

wrapping it all up

How It Works

Get access to the full Elective Residency Visa Workshop as soon as you enroll!


Once inside, you can start to watch the pre-recorded videos and modules step-by-step


Get access to the special support group to meet and learn from others who got the visa!


This workbook is worth the price of the entire workshop!  It is a 42 page ebook packed with information about the Elective Residency Visa, plus worksheets, templates and checklists to keep you on track.

Download the Special Workbook

Bonus #1

Wow!  If it couldn't get any better - it just did!  With your enrollment, you get free access to our Secret Facebook Elective Residency Visa Support Group.  Inside you can ask questions, meet and learn from others who have successfully applied, plus - I pop in every so often to answer your questions!

Access to the Elective Residency Support Group

Bonus #2

This is the single best thing you can do to increase your chances of success - right now!

So let's get started!

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Here's what you get:

2 hours of pre-recorded lessons from Samantha Wilson that covers every part of the Elective Residency Visa

42 Page Elective Residency Visa Workbook with timeline planner and checklists

Full access to the Private Facebook Support Group to meet and learn from others 

Financial Checklists and Cover Letter "fill in the blanks" templates that are proven a success!

"If you think your best chance to move to Italy is an ERV visa, then you need this course to help confirm that's true and also to guide you through the maze-like process."

"If you're thinking about moving to Italy as a retiree, don't go it alone when applying for your visa. This course will guide you through the complex process and provide the tools you need to meet your goal. You need Sam!" 

"Best money we ever spent, Sam provides clear Accurate information and has professionals available for consultations. This is not Facebook gibberish!"

The ERV Prep Course is like having the last piece of the puzzle. Going through the course and adhering to the guidance, you can feel pretty confident you will be successful in obtaining your ERV. "

Here’s what previous students have to say:

A Wonderful Story

Debbie had been dreaming of moving to Italy for years, she new she was ready but needed help putting it all together.  She didn't want to take any chances.

With many Covid delays, one of our happiest moments was when Debbie sent a message saying that she had received her Visa in the mail.  It was a massive relief as her consulate appointment wasn't as friendly as she had hoped.

We stayed positive though, as through our work together, we knew her application was perfect.  The wait felt like a lifetime. 

But the day finally arrived, and with her passport in hand, and little dog soon to follow, Debbie has arrived and is now living her best life in beautiful Tuscany.  

not taking any chances

Want to increase their chances of a successful erv application

Best for people who

"Sam Wilson with her time and expertise helped us in getting our ERV's in May."

— Diane and greg

"Sending you good vibes!"

"Put another highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."


"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"And another one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

and another NAME GOES HERE

"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

"Loved this honest, informative and well presented course- essential for ERV ."

Sam is your ticket to Italy! You won’t know how much you don’t know until you take the course. Well worth the investment.

How long is the Workshop?

You will get full access to all recorded videos and lessons that you can watch as you like. In total, there are over 2 hours of lessons to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to take the Workshop?

You should enroll in the Workshop if you are in the early stages of applying all the way to being ready to submit your application.  You will benefit from this Workshop at any time.

Do you guarantee that I will get my Visa if I take this Workshop?

We cannot guarantee that you will get approved for the Elective Residency Visa.  Samantha does not have any influence over the consulates decision on your application, no one does.  However, you will learn many valuable tips and strategies to increase your chances of success - the same ones her private clients have used to get their ERV's approved.

How long will I have access to the Workshop?

You have lifetime access to all materials for as long as we are offering this course.

How do I access the workshop materials?

Once you register, you will be sent access to our private platform where you can log in and access all course materials.  There's even an APP1

Do you offer private reviews of applications?

Yes.  You can apply for Samantha's 1:1 Elective Residency Review here 

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