How Confident Are You That Your Application is Perfect?

Now that you have done the work, collected all of your documents and are ready to apply..are you 100% confident that you have done everything right? 

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How Confident Are You That Your Application is Perfect?

Sheila was ready to apply at a US Consulate for her Citizenship through her Great Grandfather. She waited two years for her appointment and wanted to be 100% confident she had assembled her application correctly.

Our experts conducted a full review of every generation and uncovered 3 critical errors and 2 clerical errors which would have resulted in a denial from the Consulate.

Luckily Sheila had time to correct her errors before her appointment and her application was accepted..

After Review: 10

Case Study #1

Giovanni was planning to apply for his Citizenship through his Grandfather directly to a Comune in Italy to fast-track his application.

He was confident that his application was correct, but was encouraged by his mother to have a review to be sure before he packed up and moved to Italy.

After a thorough review and cross check with his chosen Comune, it was discovered he had 3 clerical errors and 1 missing critical document that was not possible to obtain within his 90 day window of time, forcing him to return to the US

The review saved him thousands of dollars in travel and frustration, and helped him plan for a successful Italian application.

After Review: 10

Case Study #2

Rachel believed her dream of Italian Citizenship was broken after spending years collecting documents that lead to her Great Grandfather.

 After a careful review of her case, our experts found an alternate line to follow through a 1948 Case Petition which she could include a number of other family members.

Not only did her review save her Citizenship, but opened the eligibility to several family members who shared the costs to the petition.

After Review: 10

Case Study #3

If you have completed your Italian Citizenship application yourself, it is critical that you have a full review of your file prior to applying.

Whether you are applying for your citizenship at an Italian Consulate, at a Comune directly in Italy, or through a 1948 Court Petition, a thorough review by our experts in Italian Citizenship can make the difference between a rejection or success.


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There is no denying that the benefits are huge, but the process of building your application to prove your eligible is complex and time consuming.

Applications are denied, deferred or rejected because they are incomplete, have the wrong procedures or do not prove the bloodline correctly.

This can be a costly mistake, both financially and emotionally.

Getting your Italian Citizenship is Like Winning the Lottery

Don't risk denial. be confident your application is perfect.

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Book your review.  Once we receive the request we will send you an invitation to your private online account.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an invitation to upload your documents for review. Depending on your case, how many generations back your line is following, the type of application you are making and the number of people on your file, the case review can take up to 2 weeks to complete.  

Here's How it Works

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In almost every case, there will be one or more items that we recommend you fix before applying.  You will receive a complete report itemizing the deficiencies and how to correct them.  Once this is complete, you're ready to apply!

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Once our expert has completed your review and delivered the full report, you can schedule a personal one hour consultation to review the report and answer any last questions you may have.

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This is Right for You if...

You have collected your documents and think you're ready to apply

YOu WANT TO be certain that you have an accurate application

You have too much to loose if you are denied

you want to be confident that you have a high chance of approval

All fees are tax inclusive.
Review files for up to two applicants.
For additional applicants please request a quote.


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so, are you ready to perfect your application?

How soon should I request a review? 

You should wait until you have 80% - 100% of your documents together before you submit a review. In some cases, it is better to have a review before you complete the legalization (Apostille) as if there are errors, you will have to re-do them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a full review?

The price for a full review is €500 for up to two adult applicants that share the same bloodline and application type and location.  This can be up to three generations removed for all types of cases (Consulate, Comune, 1948). If you have multiple applicants, with multiple locations, the fee will increase. We will let you know when you request the review.

Do you help fix the errors? 

We will provide you a list of the errors/deficiencies and instructions on how to correct them. In many cases, you can do this yourself. However, in some cases, you may wish for further assistance. We can assist on a case-by-case basis. 

Do you guarantee I will get citizenship after a review? 

We cannot guarantee what the Italian immigration offices will do, the decision to award you Italian Citizenship is entirely up to them. However, we guarantee that your review will identify all critical and clerical errors based on the location and type of application you have. You must then make the corrections to the satisfaction of the Italian authorities.  

Do you review applications for Comune (In Italy) applications? 

Yes. We will review all documents and ensure that they are assembled and prepared for a Comune case in Italy. We will also contact the Comune that you intend to apply at and ensure that your documents meet their current requirements. 

Do you review consulate applications? 

Yes. We will conduct a thorough review of all documents and ensure they are assembled correctly for the intended Consulate that you have identified.  

How long do reviews take? 

Our reviews can take up to two weeks (but often sooner). Once you request a review, you will be assigned a review start date. You will have to ensure that you have sent all documents by this time. We guarantee to finish the review within two (2) weeks, however often finish earlier. 

What is included in the review? 

Our experts will review your completed file to meet the legal and procedural requirements of the location that you intend to apply at at the time of the review. This can include data discrepancies, faulty apostille, appropriateness of translations, application completeness, missing records, bloodline discrepancies, name discrepancies, eligibility review, organization etc.)

You will receive a full report itemizing each document and procedure and identifying any errors or discrepancies. In addition, the report will advise you of how to make the corrections and where.

After you receive your review report, you will be invited to schedule a one hour private consultation with our Citizenship expert to review your report and answer any lingering questions.

Who does the review?

All reviews are conducted by or lead citizenship expert who has completed hundreds of successful applications, along with the advice and guidance of our Italian Immigration Lawyer. 

Can I speak with the reviewer?

Yes. You can schedule a private one-hour call with the reviewer after the application review has been completed. You may also message the reviewer through your private online platform where the review will take place.  

Why do I need a review?

100% of our case reviews result in at least one (often many more) critical or clerical errors that could have a serious or fatal impact on the success of your application. You have spent many months (if not years) assembling your application, and likely the same waiting for an appointment, you deserve to be 100% confident that your application is complete and accurate.

Often, it takes the eye of a professional with a fresh perspective to see your application more clearly.  

How do I submit a request for a review? 

You can request a review by filling out this form.  

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And have peace of mind knowing your application is accurate, complete and ready.

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