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Every year, thousands of international students arrive in Italy to study at one of the many universities and specialty schools across the country. Let’s face it… if you are going to school, why not go to one in the most beautiful country in the world?

However, getting a student visa for Italy, isn’t as straight forward as you may think.  

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Why are you applying for a student visa?   Have you studied the subject in the past?   Is the course you are applying for linked in some way to advancing your career in your home country?   Is there a reason why you must study in Italy, and not in your home country? Are you prepared to attend every class?

These are all questions that the consulate will be asking, and you must satisfy.  For example, if you are applying for a student visa to study Italian, and you have never studied Italian before, the chances of success are very low.

However, if you are studying Italian languages to increase your proficiency for a future career where Italian language is required, then your chances of success are much higher.

Let’s find out how we can help you…

Think like a Consulate and ask yourself these questions...

Moving to Italy to study can be a life changing event.  Not only will you fill your mind with new thoughts and inspirations, but you will be surrounded by the beauty of Italy.  But getting a student visa is not a slam-dunk.  If you think getting a student visa is the easy route to living a year in Italy, think again.

  • Have been accepted into a high school or technical school for continued studies
  • Have been accepted into an Italian University exchange program with a University in your home country that you are currently enrolled
  • Have been accepted in an Italian University or other high education institution approved by the Minister of Education
  • Have been accepted in an Italian language course through a public university for Stranieri (foreigners) that is approved by the ministry

Who is eligible to apply for a student Visa and permit to stay in Italy.