The Italian Residency Lab 

What if you could finally get clarity on how, when, and why you should take residency in Italy… and be able to manage the process yourself?

The Italian Residency Lab is a five-step process, designed to help foreigners navigate the process of establishing legal residency in Italy, and claim all the benefits it offers.


" I had no idea where to start to get my Italian Residency.  I didn't even really know if I needed to get it and if I did, how.  The Residency Lab has made everything so clear!  Now I know what I need to do, even before I arrive on my Visa."

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Whether you’re arriving in Italy as an Italian Dual Citizen, on a Visa, or a couple with a combination of both, and you plan to live for more than three months, you will need to establish legal residency.

But, like so many of our past students before they enrolled in Residency Lab, you may be confused, don’t know what documents to bring or worse, have not registered at all…

 You've probably also been lead down a zillion rabbit holes by pseudo experts that have zero accountability for your success. And the only thing you know for certain, is that you need help.

If that’s the case — The Residency Lab is the roadmap you need to plan, prepare and apply for your residency in Italy.

Are you ready to take care of business and establish your residency the right way the first time and have the confidence to do it yourself?

Truth…Italian bureaucracy is a nightmare.

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This is the foundation of what "residency" is in Italy, who can apply for it, when you should begin the process plus the wide variety of benefits that come with establishing residency in Italy.

Establishing your residency in Italy is a five-step process beginning with identifying what documents you need, where you need to go, getting clear on what each step involves, and how long it takes.

Here's What You'll Learn

What the heck is Italian Residency, and why you need it

The Five Step Process

the foundation

the meat and potatoes

In some cases, establishing Italian residency is mandatory, in others it is an option.  Establishing legal residency in Italy will have an impact on your taxes as well as benefits as a new resident of Italy.  This Lab will cover them all so you can make a sound decision on what's best for you.

Understanding the Benefits to Residency

What happens after

Whether you are a non-eu citizen on a Visa, a Dual Italian Citizen, and EU Citizen or a couple with a combination of the two, there are specific steps you need to take - and timing is Key.

The Application

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"I have my permesso di soggiorno but never followed through with my residency.  I had no idea the benefits I was missing!  Thank you Samantha and SMI for helping me take this important step. You made it a lot easier than I thought!"

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Have total clarity on what Italian Residency is and what it isn't, and if you need it

Know exactly what documents you need depending on your citizenship and your entry pathway



Understand the timing and benefits to establishing residency 


Be confident and prepared for your residency application before you arrive in Italy


By the end of the Residency Lab you will....


How It Works

Get access to The Italian Residency Lab as soon as you enroll!


Once inside, you can start to watch the pre-recorded videos and modules step-by-step


Get access to the special guidebook and document checklists to keep you on track.

Download the guidebook

This will be your go-to when planning your move to Italy.  Starting from one year out, you will get a checklist of important tasks to do from 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and arrival.  Plus a handy document checklist for residency to make sure you have everything you need! 

Download the Special Workbook


This is the single best thing you can do to reduce stress - right now!

So let's get started!

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"I just finished the Residency Lab and wow!  You did it again..proving you don't know what you don't know...I am so grateful I found you and SMI."

"This little course has so much information. I never knew there was so much to do and prepare for.  I feel so much better now." 

"My friend recommended this course and I owe here a big glass of wine! Thank you so much.  I feel completely prepared now."

"I have taken every course and program you have and as always, you have knocked it out of the park!  The information is so clear and easy to understand. "

Here’s what previous students have to say:

How long is the Lab?

You will get full access to all recorded videos and lessons that you can watch as you like. In total, there are over 12 mini lessons to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to take the Lab?

You should enroll in the Residency Lab if you plan to live in Italy for more than three months.  You can take it if you are in the early stages of planning your move all the way to being present in Italy. 

Do you guarantee that I will get my Residency approved?

We cannot guarantee that you will get approved for Residency.  Samantha does not have any influence over the Italian immigration and local comune decisions on your application, no one does.  However, you will learn many valuable tips and strategies to increase your chances of success - the same ones her private clients have used to get their residency approved.

How long will I have access to the Lab?

You have lifetime access to all materials for as long as we are offering this course.

How do I access the Lab materials?

Once you register, you will be sent access to our private platform where you can log in and access all course materials.  

I only plan to be in Italy for three months, do I need to take residency?

No.  You should only take this course if you are planning to move to Italy for more than 90 days.  Part time living and/or second home ownership does not qualify you for residency.

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