Imagine yourself waking up in Italy

Renting in Italy is a great alternative to buying. You can “test the waters” without having the commitment of home ownership. If you don’t like where you are living, simply move on – no strings attached.

However, finding, negotiating, and securing a long-term rental in Italy is not as easy as you may think...

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Are You Searching for a Long Term Rental in Italy?

Property Rental Assistance

We Help Find, Negotiate and Secure Your Long Term Rental in Italy

Many people either can't or don't want to buy a property in Italy.  They prefer the freedom and flexibility of a rental where they don't have the responsibility of home ownership.

But long term rentals in Italy are not easy to find and definitely not easy to negotiate.  Owners are suspicious of renters, concerned they will default on their rent and be stuck with bad renters and no income. 

Estate agents are notoriously slow to respond (if they respond at all) and leases are regulated and must meet specific criteria to qualify for official residency. 
If you are planning to rent in Italy, finding a good rental, at a good price will be your #1 priority.  

This is Italy, and naturally, renting property is complicated and maneuvering through the process as a foreigner is fraught with problems.

Why Rental Assistance?

Yes, It Really Works

"From my first inquiry, Sam and her team have taken exquisite care of me."

Leah has had a dream to move to Tuscany and after taking the Vita Italia Experience realized there was no better time than now to make the move.  Within a few weeks, we found and secured an excellent little apartment in the heart of Tuscany where Leah can call home. 


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"Thank's to Samantha and Luca's expertise, we secured a lease for our ERV!"

Diane and Greg were within days of signing a lease for a rental property to use for their Elective Residency Visa when they contacted us and learned that the rental they found would not qualify. Saving them time, money and a lot of problems, we were able to find them an alternate property that fits their every need. 

Diane & Greg

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Property Rental Assistance

Our Property Rental Assistance will help you find, negotiate and secure a long term rental property, anywhere in Italy.   It includes:

Property Search. Our Licensed Estate Agents and Property Team will help you find, evaluate and lease a property that meets your criteria. 

Negotiate. Our agents are Italian and know how to bargain! They will represent you to the property owners and/or other listing agents to get you the best price.

Lease Review.  It is critical that your new rental meets the criteria for your Visa and/or needs. There are laws that protect renters in Italy and we will ensure that your lease is legal, registered and will qualify for your residency in Italy.

Represent You. In Italy it is "who you know" and having a professional speak on behalf of your credibility goes a long way in soothing the notoriously nervous property owners that are resistant to renting to foreigners.

Organize Live/Virtual Tours.  We will organize virtual or in-person tours of up to 5 properties so you can view them and the surroundings from the comfort and safety of your home.

English/French/German & Italian Speaking Support.  We will support and guide you throughout the entire renting process. You are never alone or left without answers to your questions. 

How It Works

Submit your rental criteria, budget and details for our review. 

#1 Request to Join

If we approve your request, you will be invite to join.  We will then get right to work searching for your property.

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Once you have found the property of your dreams, we will organize the lease, and registrations.

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YOu WANT TO be supported and guided by people you can trust

You're so tired of agents never returning calls or emails

you need a rental property to qualify for your Visa

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When you join our Property Rental & Search Assistance, you become part of the Smart Move Italy Community. Our community includes people from around the world who share a love of Italy and the desire to live the Italian Lifestyle, whether part time, full time or a lifetime.

And being part of our Community has its benefits, like:

It is more than just renting a house. 
Being part of our Community has its benefits!

We Can Save You Thousands of Euros

discounts on all smart move italy services

connections to the best and most trusted experts across italy

bonuses from our trusted partners across italy

Our goal is to find you the best property at the best price while keeping your search criteria in mind.  However, your criteria must first be realistic. 

To ensure that we are a good fit, and that we can help you, please complete a request to join with your property search criteria. 

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How much is the Property Rental Assistance Program?

If invited to join the property rental assistance program you will pay a one-time fee of €500 (incl tax) that includes all support and services for up to fifteen (15) short listed properties (excluding commission). This is a very personal service, that includes access to your personal property board where you can track all properties in your top five. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee you will find a property within my search criteria?

We guarantee that we will present and/or assist with up to fifteen (15) properties that meet the majority of your search criteria. We cannot guarantee every feature, as it is not possible, however we will try our best to fit as many as possible.

Do you search for the properties for me?

Yes, if you prefer us to do the searching we can. However, if you have properties that you have found online that you want us to investigate, you can add them to your property board. We will investigate up to fifteen (15) properties on your short list. 

What if I do not like any of the fifteen properties?

We will do our best to find the best properties in your chosen area, that fit your criteria or budget. If you recognize early that your criteria needs to be altered, we can quickly change. However, most people find the property they love within the five choices.

Do you guarantee I will be able to rent the property I choose?

We guarantee that we will present you in the best way possible with the goal of negotiating the best rental rate and terms for you. However, we cannot force an owner to accept your proposal or rent you their property. We can guarantee that we will be honest with you from the start so your expectations are clear. 

Do I have to pay commission to the estate agent?

Yes. Our fees are not inclusive of agent commissions. Standard rental commissions in Italy are equal to one-month rent. This will be due at the acceptance of the binding rental proposal by the owner.

Do you work with other agencies?

Yes, often we will need to liaise with other agents to find the properties in their zone. Many times, there are rental properties that are not advertised and only known by the local agents. Our strong national ties with agents from top to toe of Italy help find you unique properties you can’t find online. 

How long does it take to rent a property?

This is difficult to say. Sometimes it can take just a few weeks, and sometimes many months. It depends on your search criteria, location and willingness of the owner. We will try to work within your time frame.

We need a long term rental for our Elective Residency Visa. Can you help us?

Yes! We have helped many people find their rental property in Italy that will qualify them for both the ERV and Residency when they arrive in Italy. There is special criteria that you need to have and we ensure that your lease is written so that if you are not successful in obtaining your Visa you are released from the lease.   

Can we organize a long term rental from our home country or do we need to be in Italy?

You can rent from your home country, which is actually the most common, even before the Pandemic. Many of our clients do not want to waste the money traveling to Italy just to search for a rental property. The chances of finding a property, negotiating the lease and securing the registration in a few weeks is almost impossible. It is better, safer and less expensive to have us do it from afar.

Can we have virtual tours of the properties?

Yes, in most cases we can organize a LIVE virtual tour of the property. This will depend on the location and the agent but in most cases it is possible. If we cannot organize a LIVE tour, we will be able to organize videos of the property. 

Do I need a bank account in Italy to rent?

No. You can sign a lease and wire the rent directly to the owner from your home country. However, you will probably want a bank account in Italy eventually to pay utilities. 

Do I need any special documents to rent in Italy?

You will need to have a Codice Fiscale (an Italian Tax ID code) to sign a residential lease in Italy. You can obtain this through the Italian Consulate in your jurisdiction.   

I have submitted my request and criteria, when will I hear if I have been accepted?

We try to review requests within 24 hours of receipt. If there are concerns about your request (criteria is unrealistic or incomplete) we will contact you for clarification. 

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What is a long-term rental?

We help you find a rental to move to Italy for both work, Visa's and relocation.  We cannot assist with rentals under 3 months.

Can you help me find a holiday rental?

I am sorry but we do not manage holiday rental properties or short term leases at this time.