Imagine yourself waking up in Italy

The bright clear sunlight pleasantly stings your eyes as you inhale the morning scent of a sweet pastry and a rich coffee.   A gentle breeze passes across your smiling face.....

Owning a home in Italy isn't just a dream...

are you dreaming of your new home in italy?

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owning a home in Italy - is a possibility.

Imagine yourself waking up in Italy

Property Purchase Assistance

Search. Find.  Offer. Enjoy.

We know that your home is where your memories are made. Where you share a meal, snuggle in to watch a great movie, or dream of the next days adventure.

Whether you are planning to rent or buy in Italy, finding a new home will be your primary focus. The process of searching, finding, negotiating and finally holding the keys in your hand is very exciting.

 But it can also be scary, stressful and confusing.
This is Italy, and naturally, buying and renting property is complicated and maneuvering through the process as a foreigner is fraught with problems.
We get it, and we get your worries, because we have been exactly where you are.

help is on the way


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You're ready to buy a property in italy

YOu WANT TO be supported and guided by people you can trust

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you're ready to find your dream property

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When you join our Property Purchase & Search Assistance, you become part of the Smart Move Italy Community. Our community includes people from around the world who share a love of Italy and the desire to own a home and live the Italian Lifestyle, whether part time, full time or a lifetime.

And being part of our Community has its benefits, like:

It is more than just buying a house. 
Being part of our Community has its benefits!

We'll Save You Thousands of Euros

discounts on all smart move italy services

experienced NEGOTIATORS getting you the best price

connections to the best and most trusted experts across italy

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Our goal is to find you the best property at the best price while keeping your purchase costs to a minimum. To ensure that we are a good fit, and that we can help you, we need only 10 minutes of your time. 

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