Free 3-Day Move to Italy Bootcamp

The most highly anticipated event of the year, our Free 3-Day Move to Italy Bootcamp is one that you won't want to miss! 

If you are thinking about moving to Italy or are already in the process, we guarantee that you will learn more in these three days than you have in all of your research put together! 

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Hosted by Samantha Wilson, the founder of Smart Move Italy and the top relocation expert in Italy.

We don't have enough room on this page for her reviews, call-outs and thank you's from the thousands of people who she has helped inspire to live their best lives in beautiful Italy - join the next Bootcamp and find out what all the hype is about!

The secret to moving to Italy with as little stress as possible is to get the RIGHT information, from the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT time!

You will not be disappointed!

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Day One

Cost of living: How you can afford the lifestyle in Italy. 
Timing is everything: Why now is a great time to move to Italy
Tips to success: The #1 reason people struggle to make the move & how to avoid it

What does it cost to live in Italy?

Are you dreaming of moving to Italy?


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Day Two

Save money: How your residence location can save you thousands in taxes
Preparing is key: Top things to prepare for when buying or renting property
Benefits: How living in the EU can have huge benefits to your lifestyle

How to choose the best place to live

Finally, you will know exactly where the best places are to live in Italy!

secret bonuses 

Day Three

Visa's & more: What are the pathways to legally move to Italy
Avoiding pitfalls: The top three problems most people face when preparing to move
Save time: How you can make the move and spend less time, money and stress free

What are the legal ways to move?

The most important day of all.  Finding the right pathway to your new life in Italy


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You've Got Questions?

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How can I register?

What are the next dates?

The next dates are September 7, 8 , 9th 2021.  This is very popular and a real game changer.   We only hold the Move to Italy Bootcamp 2x a year. 

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts about 1 hour.

What is the format?

This is a 3 day LIVE Webinar that is broadcast to a Secret Private Facebook Group. You MUST be registered to view and participate in the Bootcamp. You do not need anything special, other than to be a member of the Secret Group.  

What time are the sessions?

The Live sessions are at 1 pm Eastern Time (New York); 10 am Pacific Time (LA); 7 pm Central European Time (Rome).  

Can I ask questions?

Yes! The private Secret Bootcamp Facebook Group is open for you to ask questions directly to Samantha throughout the three days.

What if I am working during one of the live sessions? Can I watch it later?

Yes. Of course, LIVE is always better, but you can watch the replays inside the group for a limited number of days.

Is this part of The Vita Italia Experience?

Don't Miss Out!

how to move to italy bootcamp is only offered 2 x a year