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italian investors visa 

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The Italian Investors Visa is hands-down, our favorite Visa in Italy. It is a fast, flexible, no-strings attached option and it's not as expensive as you may think.

The Fastest, Most Guaranteed Pathway to Living in Italy

The Italian Investors Visa is hands-down, our favorite Visa in Italy.  It is a fast, flexible, no-strings attached option and it's not as expensive as you may think.

find out how you can qualify

The Italian Investors Visa (often called a Golden Visa) is designed to attract Non-EU Citizens that have the capital to invest in an Italian company.  In exchange for the investment, you, your spouse and all dependent children will be granted a Visa to live, work and play in Italy - without the need to move your taxable residency. 

why the investor visa

What is the Italian Investor Visa

Since 2017, the Italian immigration law has made visas available for individuals who are able to invest in the Italian economy. Unlike other countries, this investment is tied to Italian businesses, not property. Italy wants funding for their Start-Ups and existing business to help them create jobs, research and development.

Furthermore, in 2020, they approved a reduction in the required investment to €500,000 and €250,000 for a start-up (half of what it was before). Making this incredibly flexible and valuable Visa accessible to many more people.

The Reason for the Investor Visa

You must be 18 years old at the time of the application

You must have a clear criminal record

You must invest in one of these four options

the nuts and bolts

The Visa is valid for an initial two years, but can be renewed for another three years. after which time, you can apply for an EU long term permit, cash out your investment and access all of the benefits as a resident of Italy  

€500k in share capital of an Italian Limited Company or,
€250k into a designated Italian Start-Up company of your choice or,
€2 million invested in Italian bonds or,
€1 million donation to an Italian charity

The investment must remain in the company of your choice for the duration of your Visa.  


Your family can work, have access to healthcare, and benefit from  unlimited travel to Italy


The Process

We start with collecting all of the documents required to apply for the clearance and assist you in researching potential investment options.  You are free to choose whichever investment you wish, and our team will help with on-the-ground research in Italy. 

You do not need to make the investment until 3 months after you arrive in Italy.

There are four steps to the process which includes preparing your application, seeking approval from the Investors Visa Committee, and finally arriving on your Visa.

We must apply to the Investor Visa Committee for your clearance certificate which is called the Nulla Osta.  This can take up to 30 days and is valid for six months.   You do not need to be present in Italy through this process.

Once we have received the clearance, we can proceed to apply for your Visa.

apply to the committee for the nulla osta

Once we have received your Nulla Osta, and you are ready to move depart for Italy, we will apply at the local consulate for your Visa.   This can take between 3 - 5 business days through a fast-track Investors Visa option.  You may be required to attend the Consulate in your home country.

prepare your application & choose your investment

We must apply for your permesso di soggiorno within eight (8) days of your arrival in Italy.  Our visa specialist will attend all appointments with you to ensure they are smooth and stress free. 

apply for the investors visa at your local consulate 

arrive in italy and apply for your residency permit

Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four

30 days

To get Clearance to apply for the Visa 

5  days

To get the Visa with Fast Track status

3 months

Before you make the investment in Italy

5 years

To qualify for permanent residency

We're a full service agency based in Florence, Italy


We know there's more to moving to Italy than getting a Visa.  Moving to Italy is a life changing experience with many cross roads and decisions to make.  Finding the right path, with support for every aspect of the process, is what will make the difference in your success.

Full Service means less worry.

what we do

The Investor Visa is the key to unlock the door to Italy, but you need more. 
Our Investor Visa assistance package considers every aspect of moving to Italy.  This includes finding a rental or property purchase, registering for residency, connecting utilities, getting healthcare, finding schools, pre-consultations with our tax attorney to ensure your chosen region offers you the best tax advantages, and personal concierge for the first part of your arrival.  Our specialists even assist with on-ground research on your identified investment. 

No other agency can provide such a complete circle of services to a new arrival than Smart Move Italy.


how to work with us

Qualifying Call

We start with a 1:1 call with Samantha to discuss your goals, answer your questions to determine if the Italian Investors Visa is right for you.  If you both agree that we are a good fit, we will start with an engagement agreement, you will pay a retainer, and you will be assigned our senior specialist who is  experienced in the Investor Visa process.

The Investment

Once you have decided what level of investment you will make, your specialist will assist with on-ground research of companies you have chosen, including obtaining balance sheets, corporate documents and scheduling interviews of potential CEO's.  We won't tell you who to invest in, but we will provide the research you need to make an informed decision.  

In the Background

While you are researching your potential investment, our team of real estate specialists, residency experts, and tax attorney will be working in the background to ensure that your eventual arrival is well planned, and ready for you. 

It is the complete full circle of expert service that sets us apart and helps to make your application and move seamless.

Italy offers a lifestyle unlike anywhere on the planet 

we believe

Our community consistently tell us that they have never felt happier and healthier since their move, and are more convinced every day that moving to Italy was the right decision.  

In people over profit

we believe

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Smart Move Italy is run by Samantha Wilson, one of the most respected relocation experts in Italy, 

Samantha and her team of lawyers, accountants, property experts, engineers, architects, polyglots and residency experts have helped thousands of foreigners find the best pathway to Italy that suits their short and long term goals.  We even speak 5 language including English, French, Italian, German and Mandarin.

Our Investor Visa team is complied of legal, tax and financial experts along with our world-class personal service, means you are in safe, experienced and trusted hands.

We understand every aspect of making the move to Italy, and it is our goal to make your journey as stress free as possible.

why you should choose us

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